Winning the race for energy independence!

Econoburn delivers more heat for less wood 


Last year it was snow; it managed to stay around for 58 straight days.

This year it’s the cold: bone chilling, slap your face cold (5 degrees at this writing). And snow with a nice icy glaze.

Well at least heating oil costs are down, right? One year ago today home heating oil was indeed $1.25 p/gallon higher statewide, even higher Upstate.

So enjoy low heating oil prices for now…or consider the day oil inevitably goes back up. In fact, even at current prices, the seasonal cost of heating with a wood-fired boiler can still be up to 50% less than burning fossils and polluting the air around you.

As safe to operate as a hot water heater, Econoburn indoor and outdoor units utilize a wood gasification process that operates at high temperatures to burn cleaner and more efficiently with virtually no waste, including minimal smoke, creosote and ash.

It gives homeowners a new found level of energy independence with wood, nature’s oldest renewable resource that when burned releases about the same amount of CO2 as decomposing wood does lying in the forest.

In other words, with an Econoburn wood-fired boiler keeping you warm and toasty this winter, you and thousands of your neighbors are doing your part in winning the race for energy independence (and save money).

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