TIMBER! Econoburn Attends Woodsmen’s Field Days

Woodsmen's Field Days - CrowdA benefit of having heating technology such as two-stage gasification boilers, is being able to attend events where Econoburn can meet potential clients and educate people about the economic and heating benefits of our systems.

Econoburn recently partook in a three-day event in Boonville, NY: the Woodsmen’s Field Days during the weekend of August 16-18th. The Woodmen’s Field Days is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1948 whose goals are to promote the forest industry, a key industry for Wood-Fuel Boilers. This weekend event included numerous displays of forestry related equipment and Econoburn provided attendees with information and display of our Wood-Fuel Boilers in the Alternative Heating Solutions outdoor booth.

According to Mark Odell, the VP of Marketing & Sales, the event was a great success with over 15,000 people in attendance, many like-minded companies and individuals, and lots of delicious food over the three-day period. Mark Odell, along with Dale Furman, the Technical Director of Econoburn, spoke with consumers from Canada, New England, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio and New York, many of who expressed a desire to find alternative heating sources with increasing fossil fuel prices. A lot of discussion over the weekend also focused on current and impending wood heating laws that have the potential to affect consumers and how they heat their homes.

Some of the most memorable moments of the weekend were being able to speak with current happy Econoburn owners and translating those positive reviews to prospective clients. Another highlight of the event was Mark and Dale helping prospective clients with project planning for their new systems. While installing a new heating system can be intimidating, the one-on-one help Econoburn provides helps many ease the process and transition, especially as more people grow aware of the advantages of a closed-system for a long service life.

Attending events like the Woodsmen’s Field Days is always a rewarding experience for Econoburn staff as we get to meet loyal customers, and also prospective clients who may need that extra push to better understand our systems and the benefits of using Wood-Fuel Boilers. The great conversation and food are usually just added bonuses!

Will we see YOU at our next event?!

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