There’s still time to start saving money with an Econoburn wood-fueled boiler.

Cleaner Living, Lower Fuel CostWinter’s not over and there’s no need to burn money to stay comfortable.

We’re still in the middle of a winter that’s proved as frigid and unpredictable as anything we’ve seen in years.  This often results in a spine-chilling experience for homeowners when they open their latest fuel oil bill.

That’s generally when they pick up the phone and call us.  Because there’s still time to buy an Econoburn wood-fueled boiler and start saving hundreds of dollars right now, well before winter blows its last icy breath.

Econoburn is the best-built, most efficient wood-fired boiler on the market today with up to an 87% thermal efficiency.

As safe to operate as a hot water heater, Econoburn boilers utilize a wood gasification process that operates at high temperatures to burn cleaner and more efficiently with virtually no waste, including minimal smoke, creosote and ash.

It also gives homeowners a new found level of energy independence with wood, nature’s oldest renewable resource that when burned releases about the same amount of CO2 as the same wood would do decomposing on the floor of the forest.

“My Econoburn 100 uses just 5 cord of wood to heat my home and hot water.  All winter long, my wife keeps the heat at 74 degrees and just loves it.  And they have the best customer service for any product I’ve ever seen.”  –Bob P. Ithaca

Econoburn’s indoor and outdoor wood-fuel boilers are smart, clean and comfortable, available from 100,000 BTU to 500,000 BTU.  They can work in tandem with your current heating or as a primary heating system.

To get started, a local Econoburn Heating Professional inspects your heating situation and considers your current heat distribution.

  • Do you have access to, and the ability and time to handle firewood?
  • Does your home have forced air or water-based heat now?
  • Have you checked with your insurance carrier?

Installation typically takes 1-3 days depending on complexity and in addition to standard home and domestic water heating installation can include spaces like hot tubs, driveways, man-caves or other settings.

An Econoburn wood-fired boiler is an important investment in your home and brings real savings and value for years.  In fact, that’s why each boiler comes with a comprehensive 25-year Limited Warranty, covering the pressure vessel and parts.

Winter is not over by a long shot.  There’s still time to buy an Econoburn and start saving hundreds, if not thousands, on your home heating right now.

Questions?  Need help getting started?  Give us a call at 866 818 5162 or visit

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