The Cold Is Coming…And The Heat Is On!

Boiler w/ FireIt’s Not Too Late To Enjoy A Warm-And-Cozy Winter With A Cutting-Edge Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boiler.

Contrary to popular opinion — and what’s possible with other boilers — the onset of winter doesn’t mean it’s too late to install a state-of-the-art Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boiler, and enjoy reliable, money-saving heat whatever the outside temperature.  

It’s a dual triumph for American engineering and value, which make Econoburn the easiest boiler to install and operate. From its ‘plug-‘n-play’ component wiring to the standard flue and piping connections, installing your Econoburn couldn’t be simpler. Indoor integration can be as basic as tying into the supply and return lines of your existing boiler, or the insertion of a plenum coil for forced-air heating systems. In either scenario, you also reap the benefit of unlimited domestic hot water! 

There’s still time to install an outdoor Econoburn boiler, or choose the popular method of installing an indoor Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boiler in an enclosed outdoor structure. Today’s high-quality insulated pex transfer lines can be utilized above ground to heat your home right now, and be buried in Spring. 

When you consider all the benefits that come with installing an advanced Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boiler the choice is a simple one. Substantial energy savings every month. Abundant amounts of reliable heat and hot water. Energy independence. And less pollution from burning fossil fuels. It’s a total win! 

Just when you thought “Boiler Season” was over and you missed your opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of an Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boiler this winter, we’re giving you one more chance to take advantage of superior technology and savings. Call us now at 1-866-818-5162 or connect here, for complete information.

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