Oil and the Army


Two interesting developments surfaced over holiday season, the big story being the collapse of oil. With the steep decline recently falling to the $50 a barrel, energy market dynamics are being turned upside down. If it goes below $40 the economy really starts taking a hit despite cheap gas at the pump or lower heating oil costs for consumers. If it continues to go lower, look out for a rough start to 2015 in the energy markets.

One thing you can be sure of is that oil prices will eventually recover from these artificially suppressed prices, but it’s clear that price volatility is here to stay, especially given current geopolitical developments. This time last year a gallon of propane reached $4.00 in much of the Northeast, mostly due to regional scarcity; it has been in decline ever since and now sits at around $3.00 per gallon, but for how long? Guess what, you’d still be saving more on heating your home with an Econoburn wood-fueled boiler at either price point. 

Indoor and outdoor wood-fuel boilers are smart, clean and comfortable, from 100,000 BTU to 500,000 BTU. They can work in tandem with your current heating or as a primary heating system. Speaking of primary heating systems, the US Army base at Fort Drum recently announced that its 60-megawatt biomass power plant is providing 100% of the electricity to the sprawling base, 168 square miles of it, by burning wood chips and residue from timber operations in NY State.

This is the first in a series of based conversions by the Army, designed to increase its long-term resiliency and help secure its energy supply from terrorists, hackers or natural disasters –any one of which could take down a public utility. 

Clearly, energy security to the Army means getting off the grid. Which is exactly what Econoburn does for our customers. If you have access to wood, you need an Econoburn wood-fired boiler, even as a secondary heating source. It also gives homeowners the new energy independence of wood, burned efficiently for clean, comfortable, adjustable heat with a minimum of tending. And while the Army spent $12 million on their wood-burning plant, Econoburn is a bit more affordable for your home base, the best-built, most efficient wood-fired boiler on the market with an 87% thermal efficiency rating.

Econoburn boilers utilize a wood gasification process that operates at high temperatures to burn cleaner and more efficiently with virtually no waste, including minimal smoke, creosote and ash.

Winter isn’t over.  There’s plenty of time to get an Econoburn and start saving hundreds on your home heating right now with most installations completed in 1-2 days.  

Questions?  Need help getting started?  Give us a call at 866-818-5162 or visit us at www.econoburn.com.

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