New Hampshire NASCAR Track Hosts Econoburn

F.W. Webb ExpoThe scene of screaming cars racing down a track was recently and less noisily replaced by a different type of exhibition:  The 1st Annual F.W. Webb Product Expo in London, New Hampshire where Econoburn exhibited its line of advanced wood-fuel boilers at the NASCAR circuit Motor Speedway.

“This was a crazy, exciting place to exhibit because of the huge draw among contractors from across New Hampshire and southern Vermont” says Mark Odell, VP of Marketing and Sales at Econoburn.

“Not only were folks able to take their own cars for a spin around the track, but the whole scene was conducive to checking out new products and tech innovations in the HVAC industry,” Odell says, adding, “We received lots of great input from contractors who were impressed with how easily our product had integrated with their existing systems, with few if any call backs.”

Econoburn boilers employ an advanced, two-stage gasification process in a closed system to achieve an 87% thermal efficiency from wood-fuel sources, an industry benchmark.  This allows the boiler to generate a substantially greater amount of heat at a lower cost, plus a lifespan of 2-3 times that of traditional “open” systems.

“This part of the northeast is reawakening to the cost benefits and efficiencies of wood-fuel boilers using new technology that we’re deploying right now in commercial and private spaces,” Odell explains.

SUNY College of Science & Forestry

In fact, SUNY College of Science and Forestry in Syracuse recently commissioned an Econoburn boiler for space heating of a new building on its campus. Econoburn Factory Reps were recently there to train their engineers, architects, and system operators in the dynamics of their new wood-fuel boiler systems, as well as help supervise and certify the process to ensure maximum cost and energy efficiency.

Econoburn boilers are made of carbon steel and double welded to insure durability and incomparable safety, and leave virtually no ash or waste.

Although we still need fossil fuels to power racecars, we still can heat almost everything else with renewable, sustainable energy––a minor irony in such an over the top setting where people are warming to the wisdom of wood-fuel.

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