It’s Not Too Late To Begin Saving!


It’s Not Too Late To Begin Saving Money On Your Heating Bills And Declaring Your Energy Independence With An Econoburn Wood-fueled Boiler!

Many customers this time of year think they are ‘trapped’ into their fossil fuel heating bills for the winter and wished they’d planned ahead months ago to install their Econoburn boiler. The good news is that it’s not too late to begin saving money. In this post, we’ll show you how.

As you’ve most-likely learned already, the Econoburn Boiler is ‘American-Engineered’ to be the easiest boiler to install and operate. From its simple ‘plug-‘n-play’ component wiring, to its standard flue and piping connections, installing your Econoburn could not be simpler.

Indoor integration can be as basic as tying into the supply and return lines of your existing boiler, or the insertion of a plenum coil for forced-air heating systems. In either case you can also reap the benefit of unlimited domestic hot water!

For customers installing a weatherproof version of the Econoburn boiler, or the popular method of installing an indoor Econoburn boiler in an outbuilding, it’s still not too late. The insulated pex transfer lines of today allow them to be utilized above ground for heating your home immediately. They can then be buried in the spring.

In addition, Econoburn is pleased to now offer REEL financing. It’s never been easier to own an Econoburn wood-fuel boiler. Call today to learn more toll-free 866-818-5162 or log onto

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