It’s a New Year and Econoburn is fired up about a fresh brand and new wood-fueled boilers!


It’s a new year, and Econoburn is fired up about its fresh brand makeover, more value-added customer services, and four newly released, EPA-certified wood-fuel boilers.

2016 is an important election year in the U.S., and the conversations are heating up— particularly about sustainable energy, carbon pollution, and the long-term effects of climate change. As usual, Econoburn is ahead of the curve. The U.S. EPA, in an effort to limit our world’s increasing carbon footprint, has again instituted further restrictions on the use of wood-fueled boilers, hoping to further reduce airborne particulate and gaseous emissions. Those regulations were put into effect on January 1, 2016.

Fully prepared for these newly enforced industry restrictions, Econoburn is extremely excited, and proud to introduce its line of contemporarily designed, and manufactured, EPA-certified, gasification boilers. We’ve launched the line with four exceptional, closed-system models that feature high-performance technology, improved efficiency, and low-emissions – all at a very affordable price! These units (available in both indoor and weatherproof configurations) burn exceptionally clean, using far less wood than traditional wood boilers — and are guaranteed to deliver high-value performance for many years to come. Plus… Econoburn makes purchase and installation very simple and very affordable by offering a number of customer-friendly financing programs.

Your can learn more about Econoburn’s updated line of high-efficiency, low-emissions boilers by logging onto, where you’ll discover the many reasons why Econoburn boilers continue to be the best-built, wood-fueled burners made in North America. You’ll also notice that our web-site has a new look, a more user-friendly approach, and lots of informative new features, including a “must-see” animated video that demonstrates the unique working properties of our closed-loop, hydronic-based, gasification technology. It’s what makes Econoburn boilers so unique, and it’s worth checking out.

For over a decade, our distributors and customers have looked to Econoburn as a reliable, “go-to” resource that consistently delivers up-to-the-minute, clean-burning, dependable heating technologies. We work closely with environmental overseers like the EPA and NYSERDA, adhering to the industry’s most stringent emissions standards, and maintaining responsible control over our design and manufacturing integrity. The result is a loyal customer base that appreciates the comfort and efficiency that our boilers provide. You can also read the nice things they have to say about us while you’re scrolling through our informative “new-look” site. So, if you’ve been inspired by the conversation, and the thought of alternative and sustainable, wood-burning heat has crossed your mind, pop on to It’s a sure-fire way to energize your decision-making.

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