Picture 1Econoburn VP of Marketing & Sales, Mark Odell, and several other Econoburn employees were among more than 350 industry professionals in attendance at the City Center in Saratoga Springs, NY this past April 3rd through the 5th for the Northeast Biomass Heating Exposition. While several were undoubtedly there out of scientific curiosity, the large majority was looking at the event in search of suppliers with new ideas and products to assist them — and their communities — in reducing their dependence on heating with oil or propane gas. In various forms, the solutions presented involved increasing the use of local and renewable resources.

“It was an amazing exposition of innovative solutions,” said Odell, “and very well attended. The crowd was a diverse one, with biomass energy manufacturers and fuel producers, government officials, engineers and architects, and consumers. There was so much to see and absorb, I’m glad we had three days to do it.”

According to Odell, of all the presentations given during the conference —public health maintenance, bulk pellet delivery, and project financing, to name just a few — the one that Public Day - Dale Furmandrew the largest attendance was ‘Advanced Hydronics 101: Modern Piping and Controls for Wood-Fired Heating Systems’, one which would obviously be of great interest to Odell and his team. Heading up this presentation was Mr. John Siegenthaler, Principal at Appropriate Designs, a consulting/engineering firm in Holland Patent, NY. Additionally, he’s the author of numerous books and articles about hydronic heating design.

“This presentation was a most welcome part of the event, “ noted Odell, “because it went into detail about proper installation, which is key to customer satisfaction. I’m also very proud to say Econoburn featured prominently in much of his presentation.” While focused on the importance of hydronics to renewable energy, several related subjects were covered, including:

• Wood Gasification Boilers

• Thermal Storage Options

• Domestic Hot Water Heating

• High-Efficiency ECM Circulators

• Multiple System Examples

“I found it both very interesting and informative,” said Odell. “It was great seeing so many different approaches and potential solutions for finding renewable energy in one place. One leaves feeling hopeful, which bodes well for our industry, and more importantly for our planet and every living thing on it.”

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