Heat Up Your Summer Even More With A Special Offer From Econoburn!

End Dependence on Fossil FuelsAs summer and the season of road trips are well under way, we have seen the price of gas at the pump and food gradually increase since June 1st. International events and protests have caused the price per barrel to rise to over $100/barrel. This rise will continue to affect consumers for the next few months at the pump and across the board with all sorts of goods from food to construction materials.

While we may be in the midst of summer, this increase in oil prices is a good time to start thinking about reducing heating costs in the upcoming seasons. To this end, Econoburn is extending an offer: for all orders shipped by August 30, 2013, Econoburn will cover all freight charges** for the lower 48 states –  (Our friends in Alaska can still enjoy Free Freight to the Seattle Docks). Econoburn Wood-Fuel Boilers can range in weight from 1670 pounds for the smallest indoor model to 2310 pounds for the largest outdoor model, which shows that free freight would be significant savings! Plus, you can rest assured that your boiler will arrive intact as each Econoburn boiler is shipped on reinforced pallets and wrapped with a poluethylene cover to protect from moisture and dust. Free Shipping

In addition, our Econoburn Wood-Fuel Boilers come with a “standard package,” included in the price, which is unlike any of our competitors and has a total value of $277.00. In each package, in addition your Econoburn boiler, you will receive:

  • A $110 Premium Grundfos UP15-58 3-speed circulating pump
  • An $85 Honeywell L4006A Aquastat that acts as a secondary safety to interrupt power to the gasification blower in the rare event that the Econoburn’s electronic control fails due to lightning strike or power surge. We provide this beyond any requirements of safety certifications, as we take our customers safety very seriously.
  • A $15 ¾ inch Immersion Well receiver for the Honeywell Aquastat to provide more accurate temperature readings vs strap on aftermarket aquastats.
  • A $25 combination temperature/pressure gauge that has analog display of both the boiler temperature and pressure for easy reading.
  • A $30 ¾ inch pressure relief valve. It is ASME tagged and designed to safely relieve pressure should the boiler exceed 30 PSIs.
  • A $17 10.3oz caulk-gun tube of high temperature silicone. This is provided to use to re-seal Econoburn’s exhaust plates during spring’s annual maintenance. This can also be used as a short-term fix for worn door gaskets until a new door gasket kit can be obtained. Should you find yourself needing just this part, please call us at toll free: 1-866-818-5162 or office: 1-716-792-2094. 

Remember call us now to order at toll free: 1-866-818-5162 or office: 1-716-792-2094 to assure your order is shipped before August 30, 2013 and Econoburn will cover all freight charges! Once fall and winter arrive, you’ll be ready to be warm and save on oil prices by switching to our wood burning boilers!

**Econoburn imposes no handling charges, only shipping/freight charges.

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