Have a backup for your home heating? These days you need one.

It’s never too late to ensure your own homeland security with Econoburn.

Propane TanksPeople are freaking out.  Ohio declares an energy emergency due to a shortage of propane gas used to fuel furnaces this winter in millions of homes across half a dozen states in the Midwest and North.  Also 1 million businesses that face a similar problem during a frigid, grueling winter that still has three months to go.

Ohio Governor John R. Kasich followed the lead of officials in 17 U.S. states who declared energy emergencies and loosened rules for propane transportation from other states that are effective until the end of January.

Emergency measures to expedite the delivery of the gas from other states mean long truck drives over snow and ice and building homeowner anxiety of facing single digit temperatures with no heat.  For them, global warming has been temporarily suspended.

A propane gas shortage takes a real toll on rural America, not to mention a price hike:  In January, average propane prices across the nation were 58 cents per gallon higher than the same period last year, US Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported.  Propane prices in the Midwest will likely need to rise to keep propane in the region wrote the EIA.

How do you ensure your own home heating security?

Econoburn boilers burn wood instead of money. Indoor and outdoor wood-fuel boilers are smart, clean and comfortable, available from 100,000 BTU to 500,000 BTU.  They can work in tandem with your current heating or as a primary heating system.EconoBurn1

“Not only are people getting alarmed about high fuel oil costs, a shortage of propane gas means many rural homeowners in the U.S. and elsewhere are facing delays in getting the fuel they depend on to heat their homes, and facing extremely high market prices,” says Mark Odell, VP of Marketing and Sales at Econoburn.  “Not surprisingly, we see more and more people who want to become energy independent, outside of utilities or vendors.”

Econoburn is the best-built, most efficient wood-fired boiler on the market with an 87% or higher thermal efficiency.  If you have access to wood, you need an Econoburn wood-fired boiler, even as a back up heating source that’s ready now.

Econoburn boilers utilize a wood gasification process that operates at high temperatures to burn cleaner and more efficiently with virtually no waste, including minimal smoke, creosote and ash.

It also gives homeowners new energy independence with wood, nature’s oldest renewable resource that when burned efficiently can heat a large home, water, business, hot tub or basement with clean, comfortable, adjustable heat with a minimum of tending.

Winter isn’t over.  But there’s still time to buy an Econoburn and start saving hundreds, if not thousands, on your home heating right now.

Questions?  Need help getting started?  Give us a call at 1-866-818-5162 or visit www.econoburn.com.

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