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Maple Woods Heating logoContractor Testimonial: Tom Mason
Owner/Maple Woods Heating, Boyne Falls, MI
Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boiler Dealer And Owner

Most of us never see the moments in time that shape our destiny. And you’d have to say that was true for Tom Mason. 

About 11 years ago, he bought a Closed Loop Wood-Fueled Boiler system. After a short while, and thoroughly pleased with his purchase, he received a request from the man who sold it to him, asking if he could put Tom’s name on his website for prospective buyers who wanted a customer testimonial. Tom agreed, and had no idea the chain of events that set into motion. 


Soon after his initial website appearance, Tom began receiving calls; interestingly enough, not for his opinion on his boiler, but to buy one. Of course, he wasn’t in the business of selling boilers at this point, but when the calls kept coming, Tom finally felt ‘the fickle finger of fate’ at his back, and decided to begin selling boilers. The following two years saw Tom selling boilers part-time, although during those early days he wasn’t a dealer, just a satisfied user.

As his business grew, Tom was able to leave his prior job behind and become a full-time boiler dealer/contractor. Together with his wife Christy, and the help of his three sons, he started Maple Woods Heating. “When we started out, I did the installations myself,” he recalls. “We soon got so busy, I couldn’t leave the office to do them all, so I would send out instructions to a customer with detailed pictures and diagrams, as well as provide help over the phone. This works especially well with Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boilers; they’re so easy to install, many customers can do it themselves, especially with proper directions.”  

Today, Tom sells closed-loop and pressurized systems throughout Northern Michigan, including the complete Econoburn product line. “We receive numerous qualified leads from the factory and if someone comes to my website from outside of my region, I refer them back to the factory, to then be directed to the appropriate dealer for the region that they are inquiring from,” Tom says. “In addition to having the industry’s top-of-the-line gasification boiler, Econoburn has great people who deliver top-of-the-line service. In 2012, with their help, I sold more Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boilers than ever before, and I’m looking to surpass that number in 2013.”

Those sentiments go both ways. “We’re very happy Tom chose first to be an Econoburn customer, then one of our finest dealer/contractors,” says Mark. “I wish we had a thousand more professional partners like him. It’s obvious he’s as smart a business man as he is a homeowner.” 

One of the reasons for Tom’s business success is his personal experience and belief in what he sells. He heats his house, water, garage, and even his pool with the Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boiler he purchased nearly a decade ago. “A lot of my customers say the same thing I did when I first purchased an Econoburn,” Tom states; “they’re very impressed with how it provides more heat and less smoke. And, as I was, they’re very happy with the money they save every month, as well as the amount of wood the boiler didn’t use.  

“When I was looking for my new boiler years ago, I wanted a gasification boiler and looked all over the country for one,” he continues. I contacted dozens of distributors and gave them a very specific list of requirements. First, I wanted a pressurized system because they can double the life of a boiler to as long as 30 years. Second, I wanted an American-made product, since I never liked what I saw coming from overseas. Most importantly, it had to perform precisely as the manufacturer promised. On all counts, Econoburn was the clear winner. And in my case, it was a truly life-changing purchase. But if someone had told me at that time all that would follow, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have believed it.”

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