Econoburn Wood-Fuel Boilers Launches Exciting New Website Just For Canada

Canadian FlagFact: there is an Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boiler providing highly-efficient and economical heat and hot water in every Canadian province.  The fact that most Canadians know the virtues of Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boilers, has led the company to a bold new course of action. 

“We felt it was time our customers and distributors had a website geared specifically to our Canadian operations,” states Mark Odell, Econoburn’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “After the U.S., Canada is our second largest, and fastest growing market, and its people have their own needs and preferences. This new site — — is focused directly on serving them.” 

According to Odell, the graphic design of the site’s home page features the red and white colors of the Canadian flag. Additionally, content will be somewhat different in accordance with the needs of its target audience. Most significantly, plans are already underway to soon have the entire site translated into French. “We want to accommodate visitors who speak and read French,” Odell explains. “A sizable portion of Canadians consider it their first or second language, so we feel this is an important site attribute. For maximum user-friendliness, visitors will be able to switch easily to English if they prefer.” 

One person who’s excited about Econoburn’s new Canadian website is Don Pelletier, President of Valley Sales, the premiere dealer of Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boilers in Canada. “I think it’s great that the company is doing this for its Canadian operations,” he says, “and shows that Econoburn understands the importance — and unique needs — of our market. This new site will definitely increase their sales this year, and for many to come. I’m expecting it be extremely positive for Valley Sales’ business, as well.” 

Of course, many aspects of the new Canadian website will be the same as its current counterpart the foremost being in-depth explanations of how Econoburn’s advanced two-stage “gasification” process is the heart of its advanced “closed” system, and enables their boilers to achieve thermal efficiency of 87% from wood-fuel sources. This, in turn, leads to a significant reduction, or totally elimination, of the need to burn environmentally-unfriendly fossil fuels. 

It will also expound on how Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boilers deliver incomparable performance safety, having both the only ASME {H}-stamped models on the market today, and Warnock-Hersey Int’l for the US and Canada to the following standards: 

• UL 391-06 Test Standard for Solid Fuel and Combination Fuel Central & Supplementary Furnace. 

• UL 726.06 Test Standard for Oil-Fired Boiler Assemblies. 

• CSA B366.1-M91 test standard for Solid Fuel Fired Central Heating Appliances. 

Canadian Website Homepage

It’s this advanced technology and dedication to quality excellence that enables Econoburn boilers to generate remark able amounts of heat at considerably less cost, and do so over a life span two-to-three times greater than “open” heating systems. 

“With distributors, dealers, and installers spanning Canada from British Columbia and the Yukon Territory in the west all the way to Prince Edward Island in the east, we are in a unique position to best serve our Canadian customers in obtaining and receiving sound support for their Econoburn boiler,” Odell continues. “At, our Canadian visitors will feel more ‘at home’, and find the resources they need quickly and easily. Just as important, they’ll learn how — and all the reasons why — we build the best wood-fueled boilers on the entire North American continent.” 

“I personally invite all our Canadian friends and business partners to visit us at, let us know what you think, and tell us any improvements we could make to better serve them.”

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