Econoburn Speaks At Symposium To Develop More Efficient Boiler Incentive Programs


As more and more States in the U.S. look to develop incentive programs for the change-out of older wood boilers and wood stoves, a 3-day Symposium entitled “Understanding and Reducing Residential Wood Combustion Emissions” was held in Albany, NY Nov 30-Dec 2. This symposium was organized by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the Northeast State Coalition for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM).

This meeting brought together policy makers, researchers, manufacturers, distributors, system designers, installers, and advocates from as far away as Alaska to share the latest research in the area of residential wood heating and to discuss options for accelerating the removal of old, high emitting and inefficient wood-burning devices. The goals of the meeting were to improve the understanding of the latest science and activity in this sector, discuss the key components that are needed for a comprehensive policy framework to promote federal, state, local, and private investment to replace tens of thousands of high polluting devices nationally.

Econoburn’s own Mark Odell was a keynote speaker and presented on the industry’s perspective on incentive programs. During his address Mark emphasized the importance of installer training and design review in order to ensure that systems are installed correctly in order to attain the goals of high-efficiency and low emissions. He also emphasized to the large audience the importance of education and outreach at the consumer level.

It was determined that the experience of current wood device change-out programs points to the need for a well-funded, well-designed, and sustained effort to significantly reduce the inventory of nearly 10 million older devices in operation in the U.S.

We’ve still got a long way to go in the U.S. and Econoburn was proud to be a part of this important step!


From left to right: Matt McQuinn (NYSERDA Renewable Heat NY Program Manager), Khaled Yousiff (P.E. Pyramid Engineering), John Siegenthaler (P.E. Appropriate Designs), and Mark O’Dell (Econoburn)


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