Econoburn Reveals the Burning Truth About Wood Fuel Energy

America's Fuel IndependenceEnd dependence on fossil fuels.
Cleaner living.  Lower heating costs.
Work with existing systems.
Fuel independence.
Peace of mind.

It seems an increasing number of people in the Northeast are figuring out that alternative heating sources may be their only alternative in the future; especially if something happens with the grid, energy prices go through the roof or another bad economic cold comes along.

Instead, they’ve found a sustainable, clean living resource that efficiently saves them money, and lets them stake their claim to energy independence today in a uniquely American way.

Based on self-reliance, sustainability and local community, early adopters of wood-fueled boilers constitute a real-time working model of how this country was built from scratch.

What’s old is new again.  Wood, as the original heating source, carbon-neutral and self-renewing like water, air and fire played a key role in the narrative of civilization.

People are rediscovering the potential of clean, wood-fueled heating that greatly improves on the combustion of this age-old resource that’s not only new again, but smart, sustainable and cost-saving.

“From both a commercial and residential standpoint, people are really starting to get it, “ says Mark Odell, VP of Marketing and Sales at Econoburn, “Especially if they want to take control of their home energy needs.”

“It’s a combination of being environmentally aware and frankly more cost-conscious.  Lots of homeowners and businesses want to achieve a level of energy independence and this is a great option.  They already know it can save them significantly but want to learn more about how it works,” says Odell.

Econburn wood-fueled boilers use a two-stage wood gasification process in a closed loop to achieve up to 87% thermal efficiency.  This permits the boiler to generate a substantially greater amount of controllable and residual heat at a lower cost, with a structural lifespan triple that of open systems.

This includes a 25-year guarantee on all Econoburn boilers, as well as 5-years on parts, in which they are committed partners.

“Our super efficient boilers integrate with existing heating systems, and handle up to 500,000 BTUs in a commercial installation.  They easily fit with residential furnaces and vents and is easy enough to maintain when you learn the basics,” says Odell.  “We have few if any callbacks once we get the system installed.”

“The point is that by spending a little time learning how a wood-fuel system operates, maintaining it with a little time and effort, you can effectively control your shome heating situation for a great deal less than being energy dependent.”

Econoburn boilers are made of carbon steel and double welded to insure durability, have an incomparable safety and support record and leave little ash or waste.

Mark Odell will be presenting a series of webinars under the title “Gasification 101” a light-hearted but serious look at how wood-fuel boilers work, their safety and benefits plus ideal applications to put people on the road to making their own declaration of energy independence.

For more information visit or call 1-866-818-5162.

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