Econoburn Re-Branding Effort Heats Up with Launch of Redesigned Website

LogoIt started with simplifying and redefining its product line from “Wood Gasification Boilers” to “Wood-Fuel Boilers” so consumers could more easily understand how they operate. Rather than highlight the actual process of ‘double-burning’, the new name puts the attention on the fuel itself to more clearly separate their products from traditional boilers. 

This effort was supported with a bold new tagline that quickly summed up the value of these boilers: “Renewable Energy…Remarkable Savings”. Now Econoburn’s dynamic re-branding campaign has ‘come on line” with the launch of the company’s newly redesigned website. 

“This is a very exciting time for us at Econoburn,” states company VP of Marketing, Mark Odell. “As more and more people search for ways to lower their fuel costs and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, many are looking to advanced alternatives to heat their homes. This re-branding was undertaken to better inform and educate Americans about the numerous benefits an Econoburn Wood-Fuel Boiler offers them. And our beautiful new, user-friendly website is a primary force in making this happen.”

The site focuses on the core reasons for purchasing an Econoburn Wood-Fuel Boiler. While for many it’s the ability to heat their home for considerably less year after year, the fact that these boilers vastly reduce — and can even eliminate — the need for fuel-oil/propane/gas is also a big factor in the purchase decision. At the same time, they also appreciate that Econoburn Wood-Fuel Boilers integrate seamlessly into their existing heating system, which can still be utilized should the need, however unlikely, ever arise. Others also appreciate the idea of using an easily renewable fuel source and lowering oil-derived and water pollution. 

If all this isn’t enough, Econoburn offers consumers the best warranty in its industry.  “I believe that once people see and experience our new website — and discover all the benefits an Econoburn Wood-Fuel Boiler delivers — they’ll understand our excitement, and generate some of their own as well,” adds Odell. “Not only does our redesigned site reflect our re-branding effort, it makes it easier than ever to find a registered Econoburn distributor and certified contractor in their area. It now takes just a few clicks to get off the roller-coaster of oil dependence, and on the road to greater comfort, lower energy costs, and a cleaner environment. All of which makes it perfectly clear why we can say we sell ‘the best built wood boilers in North America.” 

Created by the New York agency New Media Marketing, Econoburn’s new website design and re-branding message has also been carried over to the company’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, as part of the agency’s “Syncronicity” program, to deliver a consistent message. A New Media-produced commercial featuring Mark Odell explaining Econoburn Wood-Fuel Boilers’ unique attributes and consumer attributes has recently been added to the channel’s offerings. 

Now that you’ve read about our re-branding and new website, you’re invited to take an online tour at to learn more about how Econoburn is changing the way America gets its heat. Of course, you can also visit them on Facebook or see their new commercial on YouTube. The more you know, the smarter we look.


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