Mark Odell - Training ClassIt’s a concept proven time and time again: the more people know about Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boilers, the more they like them. Professionals and homeowners alike. Econoburn VP of Marketing & Sales, Mark Odell, experienced this first-hand at a three-hour sales and technical seminar given to the Adirondack Chapter of the Refrigeration Service Engineer Society (RSES) in Queensbury earlier this month.

Sponsored by F.W. Webb — the largest plumbing, HVAC, industrial pipe, valves, and fitting distributor in New York and throughout New England — the event was the first of many other classes to be held. “The RSES members in attendance were very receptive to the science and benefits of our products,” states Mark Odell. “Being geared for professional technicians, we focused on the latest modern hydronic techniques, as well as how to properly integrate a cleaner, energy-efficient Econoburn wood-fueled boiler into an existing heating system. As all but a couple of them knew little or nothing about our advanced capabilities, it was quite an enlightening experience.”

According to Odell, this year’s lingering colder temperatures made it a good time for the seminar, as consumers are still feeling both the chill in the air and their fuel bills. “This is the ideal time to be thinking about an Econoburn installation,” he notes. “If people start planning now, homeowners can be ready to start saving money — and installers to generate significant business — as soon as summer’s over. Waiting until September or October just means more months of unnecessary higher costs.”

Training Class Attendees

On the heels of the Queensbury seminar, Odell says additional classes are scheduled in upcoming months at various locations in Wisconsin and several northeastern locations. Contractors from numerous disciplines will be invited to learn about all Econoburn offers in order to feature it at their tradeshows and increase sales. “At the same time, we plan to conduct a series of webinars for homeowners,” adds Odell. “The vast majority in the U.S. are unaware of how they can save money, and reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil, with an Econoburn Wood-Fueled Boiler. I’ve found that once they know about how Econoburn boilers save them money, eventually paying for themselves, and saves the planet from dirty fossil fuels and coal pollution, they’re interested in seeing if one is right for their home.” These webinars, as well as those for installers, will be conducted through the use of the Internet service site “GoTo Meeting”.

If you’re a homeowner/contractor interested in attending an Econoburn webinar or training class, please contact Econoburn directly, toll-free at 1-866-818-5162. Additional information on Econoburn products and services can be obtained by contacting us through our website form at

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