PA Timber ShowEvery day, in a broad spectrum of ways, it’s easy to see the effects of high, and rising, oil prices. From the cost of milk to carpooling, people are continuously looking to cut costs and reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil and other fossil fuels.

So it wasn’t too surprising that the PA Timber Show — held at the Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center on the campus of the State College of Pennsylvania — drew sizable crowds over its two-day run, June 7th and 8th. “It’s an event that focuses on the forest products industry,” notes Econoburn VP of Marketing & Sales, Mark Odell, “as well as emerging biomass markets. As a leader in the design and manufacture of advanced wood-fueled boilers, Econoburn is one of the best ways to reduce, or even eliminate, the need for oil to heat one’s home. The Timber Show is a great place for us to spread that message.”

PA Timber Show - Dale, Technical DirectorIn speaking at length with well over 100 people who visited the Econoburn display, it quickly became evident there were a lot of misconceptions about the company’s products. “Most Pennsylvanians who own wood-fueled boilers use the traditional single-stage combustion outdoor models, which are vastly different than Econoburn’s 2-stage gasification boiler systems,” explains Dale Furman, Econoburn’s Technical Director. “The large majority of those we spoke with have had less-than-desirable experiences with their outdoor models, most specifically with the short service life they tend to have due to being open-systems. I explained the differences between those and our closed system boilers, emphasizing how Econoburn products are constructed of heavy-duty quarter-inch ASME Grade 36 carbon steel, then double-welded for superior strength over many years. It’s also what gives Econoburn wood-fueled boilers our incomparable safety and reliability record. The end result is that our systems are capable of generating remarkable amounts of heat at less expense over a life span two-to-three times greater than ‘open’, or outdoor, heating systems.

“Then,” he continues, “I told them about the unique two-stage ‘gasification’ process at the heart of our leading-edge low-mass ‘closed’ system,. “This is what enables our boilers to achieve a thermal efficiency of 87% from wood-fuel sources. Just as important, our wood-fuel boilers incorporate easily into existing oil-burning systems, so owners can still utilize oil as needed. Most new owners quickly realize significant savings on their monthly energy costs, with many eventually finding they rarely need oil once their Econoburn wood-fueled boiler is installed. Of PA Timber Show - Dale, Technical Directorcourse,they also appreciate that Econoburn boilers use a cleaner, renewable energy source that reduces pollution as well as our dependence on fossil fuels.”

More than just explaining the differences, the two were able to demonstrate the features and benefits of Econoburn boilers, as well as provide top-quality project planning advice to those at the Show. “We’ve built a solid reputation for having the best technical resources in the industry,” says Odell, “because we ensure that our wood-fueled products work in harmony with homeowners’ existing heating systems. It’s our ability to deliver both the most advanced technology in our field, combined with our dedication to customer comfort, savings, and complete satisfaction with our systems, that’s earned Econoburn a loyal and growing consumer following, and the distinction of being the best-built wood boilers made on the North American continent.”

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