Econoburn is making the rounds this summer – spreading good will, and sound advice about the world’s best wood-fuel boilers.

So far this summer, the Econoburn team has logged hundreds of miles, shaken thousands of hands, and made one very important investment — building relationships with the communities that we serve and depend on. Clean, renewable, cost-efficient heating is a priority for most Americans— particularly in the Northeast— where winters seem to get longer and colder every heating season. It’s not surprising that Econoburn boilers have become a “go-to” heating resource for our neighbors in this region. We continue to work closely with environmental overseers like the EPA and NYSERDA, adhering to the industry’s most stringent emissions standards— maintaining responsible control over our design and manufacturing integrity. The result is a loyal customer base that appreciates the comfort and efficiency that our boilers provide.

Our summer “Energy-Freedom Tour” has been a great way to reconnect with our current customers, introduce our quality products to new friends, and give back to the communities that turn to Econoburn every winter to supply their heating needs— safely, economically and responsibly.  Our travels have taken us to baseball championships, monster truck races and log rolling contests, and everywhere we go, people want to know more about wood-fueled boilers. The conversation is always welcomed. We love to talk about Econoburn boilers almost as much as we love to build them.

Econoburn is a proud sponsor of the Pennsylvania State Little League Championships, and members of our team were on hand last month in Rostraver Township, PA, to cheer on the finalists in a thrilling round-robin tournament. Once the weather cleared, the kids put on a great show of skill and sportsmanship— with the organization ultimately crowning Keystone as champs. Congrats to them, as they move on to the Little League Regional Championships. Meanwhile, back in NY, our VP of Sales and Marketing was manning the NY Forest Owners Association booth at the Chautauqua County Fair.
ssssssssA fun, family event for over 130 years, the region’s largest fair draws thousands every year to enjoy great food, entertainment, and friendly interaction with friends, neighbors and local businesses. One of our favorite shows is Empire Farm Days— the largest outdoor agricultural trade show in the Northeast. This year, the Econoburn team joined with NYSERDA to present show goers with some welcomed, cost-saving, energy incentives that will ultimately help limit the increasing carbon footprint that continues to threaten our planet. And— what better place is there for a wood-fueled boiler company to make an appearance than the famous “Woodsmen Field Days” event in Boonville NY. Econoburn always enjoys taking a quick trip to this global symposium that attracts anyone, and everyone, associated with forestry— from the professional logger to the occasional firewood cutter.

Whew! So far, it’s been a really busy and productive summer for Econoburn. We’ve already begun to gear up for the long heating season that awaits us. So… if we don’t cross paths in the coming weeks, we invite you to visit our informative “new-look” website— You’ll find lots of great information about cost-saving wood-fueled heating, and plenty of nice words from the folks we’ve serviced… and met along the way.

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