Econoburn heats up boiler product lines with wood gasification.

Econoburn-Indoor-Outdoor-Alternative-Fuil-Wood-Buring-BoilerYou owe it to your customers to offer the best.

When it comes to wood burning heating, there are conventional outdoor wood furnaces, you know, the ones that gobble wood and expel black smoke that naturally drifts right over to the neighbors…Or, state-of-the-art wood gasification boilers that can be installed indoors as well as outdoors that are clean and highly efficient.

Note to Dealers:  Homeowners are increasingly looking for an alternative to outdoor wood burning furnaces but they need to be told more about its true benefits.

First and foremost, Econoburn high efficiency wood-fired boilers let homeowners enjoy more heat with half the wood, while saving them hundreds if not thousands of dollars on home heating over the course of a winter season.

“I am very pleased with my Econoburn 150…This winter, I heated my 2,700 sq. ft. home with only six cords of maple…Never been so comfortable!”  –Wade C. Canada

The Econoburn is the best-built, most efficient wood-fired boiler in North America. It has a thermal efficiency of 87% vs. conventional outdoor wood furnaces with just 25-45% thermal efficiency.

As wood is burned in the firebox, fresh air is blown downward through the logs and coals. This hot smoke and air mixture is forced into the combustion chamber and mixed with a second jet of super-heated air creating a torch-like combustion of the retained gases in a process called wood gasification.

Using this technology means less wood and less cost.  Econoburn boilers operate at a much higher temperature than typical outdoor wood burners—up to 2,000˚F––in a closed, pressure-locked system that creates little waste including creosote, ash or smoke.

As for safety and durability, Econoburn boilers are constructed of 1/4” ASME Grade 36 carbon steel.  For even greater strength, all of our boilers are double-welded by our expert assembly team at our state-of-the-art ISO facility.

That’s why Econoburn offers a warranty, the best in the industry for life cycle, service and peace of mind for your customers.

The result?  Immediate, tangible benefits, including: more hot water for heating and domestic uses, almost complete fuel efficiency and energy independence, and enormous savings on yearly fuel bills.  And there’s still time to buy an Econoburn and save hundreds of dollars this season alone.

This is what your customers want to hear before making a significant investment in their home.  It’s also why you owe it to them to make Econoburn part of your dealer product line.

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