Econoburn Celebrates National Bioenergy Day — October 22, 2014

National Bioenergy DayNational Bioenergy Day is a nationwide day of advocacy for all types of heat and power generated by woody biomass and agricultural waste, from large-scale utilities to home heating stoves. It is an event uniting all aspects of the bioenergy supply chain, including foresters, landowners, manufactures, power producers and consumers.

Econoburn is on the forefront of educating the community on Biomass Thermal Energy. So to celebrate the Second Annual National Bioenergy Day on Wednesday, October 22nd, Econoburn is hosting a technology class field trip and conducting factory training sessions for mechanical contractors at our Brocton, NY facility.

As the builders of the best wood fueled boilers in North America, Econoburn is working to support the Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC) in their efforts to grow awareness of National Bioenergy Day 2014.

Contact Mark at Econoburn at 1-866-818-5162 for more information.

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