Econoburn Approved for Renewable Heat NY Program

Econoburn is pleased to announce it has been named a leading manufacturer for the Renewable Heat NY (RHNY) initiative designed to bring the biomass heating industry up to scale for residential and EconoburnBoilers_and _NYSERDAcommercial consumers across NY State.

Recently announced by Governor Cuomo, RHNY will “encourage quicker development of the industry, raise consumer awareness and develop local sustainable heating markets that use biomass as a fuel,” including cordwood and pellets, to decrease NY dependence on imported fossil fuel.

The state-funded initiative will build an entire support structure for biomass including wood fuel delivery, boiler installation and service tied to an array of civic partnerships to spur innovation through funding from green sector banks.  It also plans to convert a number of state buildings to wood fueled heating.

New York State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) recently approved advanced wood fuel heating technology for RHNY including next generation low water mass boilers using a gasification process that greatly increases thermal efficiency while reducing emissions.

Econoburn recently passed the extremely high standards of the Brookhaven National Laboratories test, which takes into account the full duty cycle of the boiler and is one of the key criteria for a boiler getting listed in the RHNY program.

The RHNY program enables homeowners and small businesses to save up to $8,000 when replacing or adding an advanced cordwood boiler with thermal storage.  They may also be eligible for additional tax rebates or low interest financing to help make the switch.

Contractors who want to participate must undergo NYSERDA certified training in the installation and physics of hydronic wood boilers.

Once installed, wood fuel boilers cost less than a third of the cost of oil heating for a typical season.  Heating oil has risen in price 270% since 2000, and is set to rise another 30% by the end of 2014 alone for an expensive, dirty and non-renewable heating fuel.

Wood fuel is plentiful, renewable and clean burning.  Advanced wood fuel boilers deliver immediate ROI multiplied by savings over decades of unstable oil prices.   The trend toward wood fueled independence is now state-sponsored and funded.

For more information, please contact:  Mark Odell, Econoburn Boilers (866.818.5162 toll free) or visit us at

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