Are you Econoburn-ready?

JV6 Is a high efficiency wood boiler right for you?

At our factory on the shoreline of Lake Erie in Western New York we receive thousands of inquiries from like-minded folks, homeowners and business owners from all over North America each year.

The questions most asked are:  Will it lower my heating bill?  Will it make me energy independent?  What effort is required to maintain the boiler?  These are all fair questions and as heating geeks we love to answer them.

So, let’s start with the basics:

We start by determining feasibility.  This may seem obvious but there are basic considerations to be taken into account up front:

  • Do you have access to, and the ability and time to handle firewood?
  •   Does your home have forced air or water-based heat now?
  • Have you checked local codes and/or checked with your insurance carrier?

If you answered Yes to two out of three questions, you’re Econoburn-ready!  The rest can be worked out, especially as you’re already interested if not firmly committed to becoming fossil fuel free on your own terms.

Next step: Your project planning.Copy of JV5

A local Econoburn dealer or Heating Professional evaluates your heating situation based on your present and future heating needs.This includes your current heat distribution scheme, usage, objectives and ultimately how your lifestyle works to see if a wood-fueled boiler can save you money and deliver the peace of mind that comes with clean living and fuel independence.

They can design an integration plan to meet your particular need, recommend the right boiler and configuration, show you how the system works along with its basic requirements and provide thermal storage solutions.

In fact, we’re happy to provide the best project planning resources in the industry here:

It’s all in the installation.

With the right planning, installation can include spaces like hot tubs, driveways, man-caves or other novel applications in addition to standard home and domestic water heating.  Installation typically takes 1-3 days depending on complexity and features the best equipment and service guarantee in the industry, bar none.

With a thermal efficiency of up to 87%, our wood fueled boilers can save thousands of dollars in heating costs each year and let you enjoy a truly clean and comfortable lifestyle while asserting your energy independence American style.

Need help getting started?  Give us a call at 1 866 818 5162.

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