Econoburn Speaks At Symposium To Develop More Efficient Boiler Incentive Programs


As more and more States in the U.S. look to develop incentive programs for the change-out of older wood boilers and wood stoves, a 3-day Symposium entitled “Understanding and Reducing Residential Wood Combustion Emissions” was held in Albany, NY Nov 30-Dec 2. This symposium was organized by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the Northeast State Coalition for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM).

This meeting brought together policy makers, researchers, manufacturers, distributors, system designers, installers, and advocates from as far away as Alaska to share the latest research in the area of residential wood heating and to discuss options for accelerating the removal of old, high emitting and inefficient wood-burning devices. The goals of the meeting were to improve the understanding of the latest science and activity in this sector, discuss the key components that are needed for a comprehensive policy framework to promote federal, state, local, and private investment to replace tens of thousands of high polluting devices nationally.

Econoburn’s own Mark Odell was a keynote speaker and presented on the industry’s perspective on incentive programs. During his address Mark emphasized the importance of installer training and design review in order to ensure that systems are installed correctly in order to attain the goals of high-efficiency and low emissions. He also emphasized to the large audience the importance of education and outreach at the consumer level.

It was determined that the experience of current wood device change-out programs points to the need for a well-funded, well-designed, and sustained effort to significantly reduce the inventory of nearly 10 million older devices in operation in the U.S.

We’ve still got a long way to go in the U.S. and Econoburn was proud to be a part of this important step!


From left to right: Matt McQuinn (NYSERDA Renewable Heat NY Program Manager), Khaled Yousiff (P.E. Pyramid Engineering), John Siegenthaler (P.E. Appropriate Designs), and Mark O’Dell (Econoburn)


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Econoburn is making the rounds this summer – spreading good will, and sound advice about the world’s best wood-fuel boilers.

So far this summer, the Econoburn team has logged hundreds of miles, shaken thousands of hands, and made one very important investment — building relationships with the communities that we serve and depend on. Clean, renewable, cost-efficient heating is a priority for most Americans— particularly in the Northeast— where winters seem to get longer and colder every heating season. It’s not surprising that Econoburn boilers have become a “go-to” heating resource for our neighbors in this region. We continue to work closely with environmental overseers like the EPA and NYSERDA, adhering to the industry’s most stringent emissions standards— maintaining responsible control over our design and manufacturing integrity. The result is a loyal customer base that appreciates the comfort and efficiency that our boilers provide.

Our summer “Energy-Freedom Tour” has been a great way to reconnect with our current customers, introduce our quality products to new friends, and give back to the communities that turn to Econoburn every winter to supply their heating needs— safely, economically and responsibly.  Our travels have taken us to baseball championships, monster truck races and log rolling contests, and everywhere we go, people want to know more about wood-fueled boilers. The conversation is always welcomed. We love to talk about Econoburn boilers almost as much as we love to build them.

Econoburn is a proud sponsor of the Pennsylvania State Little League Championships, and members of our team were on hand last month in Rostraver Township, PA, to cheer on the finalists in a thrilling round-robin tournament. Once the weather cleared, the kids put on a great show of skill and sportsmanship— with the organization ultimately crowning Keystone as champs. Congrats to them, as they move on to the Little League Regional Championships. Meanwhile, back in NY, our VP of Sales and Marketing was manning the NY Forest Owners Association booth at the Chautauqua County Fair.
ssssssssA fun, family event for over 130 years, the region’s largest fair draws thousands every year to enjoy great food, entertainment, and friendly interaction with friends, neighbors and local businesses. One of our favorite shows is Empire Farm Days— the largest outdoor agricultural trade show in the Northeast. This year, the Econoburn team joined with NYSERDA to present show goers with some welcomed, cost-saving, energy incentives that will ultimately help limit the increasing carbon footprint that continues to threaten our planet. And— what better place is there for a wood-fueled boiler company to make an appearance than the famous “Woodsmen Field Days” event in Boonville NY. Econoburn always enjoys taking a quick trip to this global symposium that attracts anyone, and everyone, associated with forestry— from the professional logger to the occasional firewood cutter.

Whew! So far, it’s been a really busy and productive summer for Econoburn. We’ve already begun to gear up for the long heating season that awaits us. So… if we don’t cross paths in the coming weeks, we invite you to visit our informative “new-look” website— You’ll find lots of great information about cost-saving wood-fueled heating, and plenty of nice words from the folks we’ve serviced… and met along the way.

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Early Project Planning – Is A High Efficiency Wood Boiler Right For You?

At our Econoburn factory along the shoreline of Lake Erie here in Western New York, we receive thousands of inquiries from like-minded folks, homeowners and business owners from all over North America each year.

The questions most asked are:  Will it lower my heating bill?  Will it make me energy independent?  What effort is required to maintain the boiler?  These are all fair questions and as heating geeks we love to answer them.


So, let’s start with the basics:

We start by determining feasibility.  This may seem obvious but there are basic considerations to be taken into account up front:

  • Do you have access to, and the ability and time to handle firewood?
  • Does your home have forced air or water-based heat now?
  • Have you checked local codes and/or checked with your insurance carrier?

If you answered Yes to two out of three questions, you’re Econoburn-ready!  The rest can be worked out, especially as you’re already interested if not firmly committed to becoming fossil fuel free on your own terms.

Next step: Your project planning.

A local Econoburn dealer or Heating Professional evaluates your heating situation based on your present and future heating needs. This includes your current heat distribution scheme, usage, objectives and ultimately how your lifestyle works to see if a wood-fueled boiler can save you money and deliver the peace of mind that comes with clean living and fuel independence.

They can design an integration plan to meet your particular needs, recommend the right boiler and configuration, show you how the system works along with its basic requirements.

In fact, we’re happy to provide the best project planning resources in the industry on our website here:

It’s all in the installation.

With the right planning, installations can include other unique heating areas (zones) to heat hot tubs, swimming pools, driveways, man-caves or other novel applications in addition to standard home and domestic water heating.  Installation typically takes 1-3 days depending on options chosen.

With high thermal efficiency, our closed system, EPA-Certified wood fueled boilers can save thousands of dollars in heating costs each year and let you enjoy a truly clean and comfortable lifestyle while declaring your energy independence.

Econoburn offers REEL financing that in many cases allows the monthly payment to be made by the savings generated by the Econoburn Boiler.

Need help getting started?  Give us a call at 1-866-818-5162.

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It’s a New Year and Econoburn is fired up about a fresh brand and new wood-fueled boilers!


It’s a new year, and Econoburn is fired up about its fresh brand makeover, more value-added customer services, and four newly released, EPA-certified wood-fuel boilers.

2016 is an important election year in the U.S., and the conversations are heating up— particularly about sustainable energy, carbon pollution, and the long-term effects of climate change. As usual, Econoburn is ahead of the curve. The U.S. EPA, in an effort to limit our world’s increasing carbon footprint, has again instituted further restrictions on the use of wood-fueled boilers, hoping to further reduce airborne particulate and gaseous emissions. Those regulations were put into effect on January 1, 2016.

Fully prepared for these newly enforced industry restrictions, Econoburn is extremely excited, and proud to introduce its line of contemporarily designed, and manufactured, EPA-certified, gasification boilers. We’ve launched the line with four exceptional, closed-system models that feature high-performance technology, improved efficiency, and low-emissions – all at a very affordable price! These units (available in both indoor and weatherproof configurations) burn exceptionally clean, using far less wood than traditional wood boilers — and are guaranteed to deliver high-value performance for many years to come. Plus… Econoburn makes purchase and installation very simple and very affordable by offering a number of customer-friendly financing programs.

Your can learn more about Econoburn’s updated line of high-efficiency, low-emissions boilers by logging onto, where you’ll discover the many reasons why Econoburn boilers continue to be the best-built, wood-fueled burners made in North America. You’ll also notice that our web-site has a new look, a more user-friendly approach, and lots of informative new features, including a “must-see” animated video that demonstrates the unique working properties of our closed-loop, hydronic-based, gasification technology. It’s what makes Econoburn boilers so unique, and it’s worth checking out.

For over a decade, our distributors and customers have looked to Econoburn as a reliable, “go-to” resource that consistently delivers up-to-the-minute, clean-burning, dependable heating technologies. We work closely with environmental overseers like the EPA and NYSERDA, adhering to the industry’s most stringent emissions standards, and maintaining responsible control over our design and manufacturing integrity. The result is a loyal customer base that appreciates the comfort and efficiency that our boilers provide. You can also read the nice things they have to say about us while you’re scrolling through our informative “new-look” site. So, if you’ve been inspired by the conversation, and the thought of alternative and sustainable, wood-burning heat has crossed your mind, pop on to It’s a sure-fire way to energize your decision-making.

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It’s Not Too Late To Begin Saving!


It’s Not Too Late To Begin Saving Money On Your Heating Bills And Declaring Your Energy Independence With An Econoburn Wood-fueled Boiler!

Many customers this time of year think they are ‘trapped’ into their fossil fuel heating bills for the winter and wished they’d planned ahead months ago to install their Econoburn boiler. The good news is that it’s not too late to begin saving money. In this post, we’ll show you how.

As you’ve most-likely learned already, the Econoburn Boiler is ‘American-Engineered’ to be the easiest boiler to install and operate. From its simple ‘plug-‘n-play’ component wiring, to its standard flue and piping connections, installing your Econoburn could not be simpler.

Indoor integration can be as basic as tying into the supply and return lines of your existing boiler, or the insertion of a plenum coil for forced-air heating systems. In either case you can also reap the benefit of unlimited domestic hot water!

For customers installing a weatherproof version of the Econoburn boiler, or the popular method of installing an indoor Econoburn boiler in an outbuilding, it’s still not too late. The insulated pex transfer lines of today allow them to be utilized above ground for heating your home immediately. They can then be buried in the spring.

In addition, Econoburn is pleased to now offer REEL financing. It’s never been easier to own an Econoburn wood-fuel boiler. Call today to learn more toll-free 866-818-5162 or log onto

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University Students Learn at Econoburn!

Econoburn recently hosted a group of students from the University of Buffalo’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Undergrads and PhD candidates alike listened intently as Dale Furman, Econoburn’s Technical Director and Creator, explained and demonstrated each stage of the manufacturing process and each steps critical role to enhanced combustion performance.

Econoburn and its key staff have actively cultivated a strong relationship with the University to help foster the next generation of leaders in the fields of combustion, mechanics, and thermal fluid dynamics.  Dale Furman remarked, “I always enjoy working with the students, especially when we host them here at our manufacturing facility.  This allows them to see the theories studied in class applied in a real-world manufacturing environment”.

In addition to its University ties, Econoburn partners with local high schools, secondary technical vocational schools, and other agencies to help develop a skilled workforce for advanced biomass heating equipment well in to the future.


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Keeping Your Lodge Warm All Winter

An Econoburn system became the perfect solution to heat a substantially-sized lodge in Montana!

This video illustrates how the Econoburn boiler was used to bring domestic hot water and space heating to a large hunting lodge. The property includes the house, lodge, 2 cabins and a brand new shop.


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Thanks for the shout out Harvey!


Check out the AMAZING article in the link below that covers and displays an installation of an Econoburn EBW-150.

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Econoburn at the New York State Fair

Take a look at these photos of our Econoburn boiler at the NYSERDA Booth in the Center of Progress Building at the New York State Fair in Syracuse!

Just a reminder to all NYS residents that the RHNY program is still taking place AND the program incentives were just raised to $10,000!!

10518635_963768857022205_8056557069411418189_n 11987002_963768847022206_3526312122919687885_n 11201494_963768860355538_4457786621837772641_n

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2015 Clean Energy Conference

We would like to remind you about tomorrow’s Clean Energy Conference (June 11-12) in Utica, NY at SUNY Polytechnic Institute.

Click here for more details and information about the conference.  We hope to see you there!

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